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by Jono

10th Anniversary Souvenir Book
Released during the International Conference, this 72-page full colour book traces the highlights of CTMI’s history and the many people and events that have contributed to what CTMI is today. Buy extra ones for your friends, or you can even bless a pastor in Africa!

Radio Africa
As at April 2011, 30 Christian radio stations in 10 countries are airing our Good News for Africa series of messages in English, French, Swahili, and Portuguese. CTMI now has close to 100 weekly 28-minute program slots across the continent, reaching a conservatively estimated audience of 1.5 million listeners!

Radio DR Congo
Baseme Bidorho in Bukavu informs us that CTMI’s messages are the most popular preaching slot on the local Christian radio station, which has increased the frequency of the program The Cross that transforms lives to 4 times a week due to popular demand. They will often receive many phone calls after the broadcast. Listeners also call in regularly asking to replay a message on ‘marriage’ preached by Miki Hardy.

Affiliate TV & Radio Program
Gilbert Grant travelled to 9 cities in East Africa in April and presented CTMI to 25 Radio and TV stations. The feedback has been very positive, and 3 radio stations have already begun airing our messages, with more likely to follow. Some of these stations cover cities, while others are regional or national. It was exciting to hear that viewers in Western Kenya are already able to watch Heart-Talk on one of the local TV stations receiving a feed from CTV.

CTMITV on YouTube
Clips from various trip reports and tasters from messages can now be viewed on our new, dedicated channel (CTMITV) on YouTube. This is a good way of introducing CTMI’s activities to your friends. Go to http://www.youtube.com and type CTMITV.

More than an estimated 120 million people understand Swahili across 10 countries of Central & East Africa. So, it was with great rejoicing that local CTMI Network pastors received the first masters of audio messages in that language. They were also delighted to hear that recently translated materials would be printed and distributed from the region in the near future.


First Family Camp

by Jono

NEWS: Botswana

Harvest Christian Church took its members across the border into the Magaliesberg of South Africa for its inaugural family camp. Visitors from Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Canada joined them. Peter shared on ‘taking God’s faithfulness and goodness seriously’, while Basil O’Connell-Jones spoke on the ‘true freedom to obey Christ that comes when we identify with the Cross’. Baptisms were held on Saturday. The camp ended on Sunday with a communion service, and many expressed their gratitude for a very special time.

The Lord has a plan!

by Jono

NEWS: France

A small, but dynamic, group has been meeting in the port city of Rouen for some time, under the oversight of Assemblée Chrétienne de Chaville (ACC), which sends an Elder every other week to lead their meetings. They’ve distributed leaflets in the neighbourhood; and slowly, the group is growing, with up to 40 people attending some meetings. They also travel regularly to the monthly gatherings of ACC, a 90-minute drive away. The ambition of this small fellowship to reach out to the people of this city can best be illustrated by the fact that they’ve even created their own website: http://www.eglisederouen.net

Equipping the saints!

by Jono

News: CTMI Network

CTMI Network churches have been equipped and edified by visits from brothers and sisters over the past 3 months. A brief selection…
• Seychelles – Jean Claude visited Christian Fellowship of Seychelles twice while Eli has been in Mauritius.
• La Réunion – Lindsay, Roland, Marc, as well as Kamla and Majo all encouraged the 3 local churches during separate visits.
• UK – Clarence spent a month at Avon River Church in Ringwood. Stephen also held meetings.
• RSA – Miki joined Grace Gospel Church for Sunday worship after his meetings with church leaders in Durban earlier that week.
• France – Clarence and Stephen shared at meetings during their time with Assemblée Chrétienne de Chaville.
• Kenya 1 – Kishna spent 2 weeks visiting the local Harvesters Christian Church congregations in and around the city of Nairobi.
• Kenya 2 – Nalini and Noella, wives of Elders Kishna and Jocelyn, accompanied the 2 speakers to the Regional Ladies Conference in Nairobi.
• Tanzania – Lindsay was on the road for 23 hours travelling the 950 km from Nairobi for meetings in Dar es Salaam. He was able to stop overnight in Marangu on both parts of his journey.

Peter’s travels (Part 2)

by Jono

NEWS: South Africa

Peter returned to Southern Africa and was the main speaker at Harvest Christian Church (Botswana), which held its first family camp in… South Africa. He was joined by a number of Elders from Durban and Bulawayo. Therafter, he spent a week with the church in Gaborone. Prior to the camp, he also enjoyed a few days with the small Roodepoort group. Together with Basil and Selby, he also shared with a group of 50 pastors from Klerksdorp, where he emphasised ‘unity of spirit’ and the ‘importance of working as a team if we want to build the Church.’

Straight to the heart!

by Jono

NEWS: East Africa

Many ladies travelled for 18 hours from 10 cities in the region to join their sisters at Harvesters Christian Church for the annual Ladies Conference during April. Speakers included Brigitte Piat and Yvonna Mohabuth (Mauritius), Mama Lazaro (Tanzania), Beatrice Gachengo (Kenya), as well as elders Baseme Bidorho (DR Congo), Lazaro Maalim, and Stephen Gachengo. Of the 400 present, accommodation had to be arranged for the 250 out of town visitors. “I was truly confronted; everyone spoke about the heart we women must have before the Lord. Brigitte’s testimony in particular really showed me my own state!” Esther K. – Uganda.

Bambous Inauguration

by Jono

NEWS: Mauritius

Another of a number of new church plants across the island was inaugurated in April. Eglise Chrétienne of Bambous is the result of the recent evangelism and follow-up meetings in the area.

Doors open wide!

by Jono

NEWS:  Zimbabwe

In March, at their request, Miki Hardy returned to Bulawayo, to hold a second conference with leaders. In the mornings, he preached to almost 400 local leaders from 160 congregations, representing 60 denominations. Each evening, the Lobengula Hall of Brethren in Christ Church was packed as more than 1000 churchgoers from these same congregations gathered to hear the preaching of the Cross. After 20 years of a sometimes lonely road, Selborne Park Christian Church can rejoice at how the Lord has opened the doors. For the first time all the meetings were broadcast live on Nuradio, to the great excitement of hundreds of CTMI ‘Family’ listening around the world. Miki finished his meetings at our Partner Church where, on Sunday morning, 13 new deacons and deaconesses were appointed to serve in the 4 local churches in and around Bulawayo.

Umoja! No.3: Editorial – June 2011

by Jono

Our 3rd issue follows the 2011 International Conference. More details about this wonderful time will follow in the next Umoja! There have been so many encouraging developments in the past 2 months that we desire to devote an issue just to let you know everything that has taken place…

It is our goal that, starting with this issue, Umoja! will also be published in Swahili for the benefit of the many churches that work with CTMI in East Africa. As they would say in the region: Bwana sifiwe (Praise the Lord)!

Remember that Umoja! is primarily for all the members of the Partner Churches. We continue to ask for your feedback and your comments. Let us know what else we can be doing to keep you informed of what is happening across the CTMI Network.

“Pastor ‘Lenny’ blessed us!”

by Jono

NEWS: East Africa

CTMI’s East African Youth Camp took place in the idyllic setting of a local school overlooking Lake Victoria, near Mwanza in Tanzania. 500 youth, as well their local Elders gathered from all over the region. Elder Festor Njanwe reports that “Len Boy and Stephen Gachengo shared the gospel which convicted many youths; even many Elders present went forward to repent.” Many youngsters testified that Len’s preaching brought them the pure Word of God; that there isn’t one gospel just for the youth, but the message of the cross is for everyone. This was reinforced by Stephen’s sharing on becoming sons and daughters in the gospel. The final meeting concluded with many receiving their baptism, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. “I’ve realised that it’s through the cross that, as a young person, I can walk in righteousness and freedom in Christ, and be a vessel of honour unto Him!”